A top list?

JEEEZ, a Top-List of my games ? That’s hard to nail… nearly impossible to to do a ranking… so i just give a brief overview of games I really do like.

At the top of my shelf I placed some very special titles, which mean a lot to me.  In the following I try to explain why…


classic pc games simon the sorcererSimon the Sorcerer

Great story, fun world, a character i can relate to. And the box-design is just awesome.  The story really caught me.

I can honestly tell, that game kind of shaped my nowadays humour…

Time to replay I guess !!! But the remakes on gog.com seem to be rather shitty… worth to give it try??



classic pc games jagged alliancesJagged Alliance

Hours after hours I made my way through Metavira. Recruiting, shooting, saving, loading, retrying. And… buildung up personal relationships with the mercenaries (xD).

Great Game. Always like the crafting/repairing aspect very much.


classic pc games blade runnerBlade Runner

Best atmosshpere in adventure so far. Catches the feeling of the movie, sometimes even better, because you can actually be in it.

Had great times with this one.




classic pc games dune 2Dune II

What can I say… One of the first games I ever played. First real-time-strategy game and pioneer for all those big titles.

From a nowadays point of view unplayable, due to gameplay, but still one of the most important games ever… to me!


classic pc games outcast Outcast

Guess there is no other game which dragged me so deep into its world and story like this one.

Big (open) world, great characters, nice humour but also a big and deep story.

When there would have to be only one Favourite… that’ll be it



classic pc games colonizationSid Meier’s – Colonization

I never was the big Civ-Fan,  I was a a Col-Guy 🙂

There is a great remake of it, which in combination with the  great TAC-Mod roles out a hell of gaming experiences.

That’s one of the games which I really do play today once in a while.



So what do YOU think? Any similarities to your experiences or completely different?

What are ur top titles? What memories are linked to them?

Leave a comment and let us know.