Classic PC Games – Why?

Why did I choose Classic PC Games for this project and why I’m not going for video-games as well?

I believe that Classic PC Games are special, especially considering genres.

Point ‘n clicks, economy sims,  flight-simulators and RTS (real time strategy) are somehow pc specific, don’t you think?

While videogames are fast, often fun-focussed and mostly easy to get into (that does not mean, they are easy to master), pc games are more capable of presenting and evolving complexity and depth.

So do own a retro videosgames collection as well and played of NES, SNES, Game Boy, and N64 even Segas. But the computer was always the one big thing. No videogame caught me like my PC Games did.

What’s your opinion?

What does make classic pc games special?

Or do you completely disagree?

Let us know!