About Me

about me

My name is Dennis and I'm an aspiring educationalist and ethnographer from Berlin, Germany born in 1982.

My passion is gaming, with a speacial focus on Classic PC Games. I played a lot of games in the good old times, when DOS was our kingdom and the autoexec.bat and config.sys our bible.

I'm searching for other nostalgic ethusiasts, who still own, play or are just crazy about classic pc games.

about the project

As a project for my university I'm searching for you people, who are passionate for classic pc games.

I'm interested in your particular stories.

- How did you start gaming?

- What where the first PC Games you get in touch with?

- Where did you play?

- How do you feel about playing Classic PC Games?

So if you know what a floppy-disc sounds , a tape streamer looks like, you get angry when thinking of EMS and XMS-Memory, or if you are just crazy about old games, you are very welcome to participate in this little ethnographic project.

I invite you to share your experiences, thoughts and very own stories about Classic PC Games.

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